whatsapp call for free

WhatsApp calls for almost everyone

The WhatsApp calls are from today available for all users Android just download and install the application 2:12:19 to send and receive phone calls right away, in a completely free. The rollout, until new days reserved only for the lucky few, performs at this time a step further.

From the pages of the official website does not arrive confirmations, but the reports received on the Net leave small doubt about. In addition, the amount of rings (as shown by the following screenshot) received since yesterday evening from the numbers that the editorial staff of technobolt we invited to try out the repair confirms the rumor.

whatsapp call for free

In short, after a few weeks of testing the team to work on the application appears to be ready to extend the feature to millions of people, transforming the software for instant messaging in a complete suite for online infrastructure, allowing subscribers to communicate through calls VoIP.

WhatsApp: how to enable Call

As mentioned above, all you need to do to take advantage of the new functionality is installed physically 2:12:19 WhatsApp for Android. The APK file can be downloaded either from the pages of the official website that the platform APK Mirror safely. Once completed the process and launched the app will appear at the top of the border the new Calls tab, as shown in the picture attached below.


Contact lenses smart Google gets patent

Apart from the development of glasses dedicated to augmented reality, Google is working on other experimental projects. One of these, which has already been mentioned several times, the development of contact lenses smart, or which are not limited to improve the visual capacity of the wearer as with the customary ones. Today is back to discuss it, because the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has recognized the group of Mountain View paternity of a patent on its own technology.


From 26 pages of documentation, entitled “Contact lens having an uneven embedded substrate and method of manufacture”, emerge some interesting details about the operation. For example, it is learned that the lenses will be equipped with a sensor inserted within one of the layers, connected to a chip placed in another layer. Continue reading

Samsung will install Office on Android tablet

Samsung and Microsoft have announced the growth of their partnership to bring productivity services offered by the Redmond to a larger number of users. Within the first half of 2015, the Korean manufacturer will install the Office app on Android tablet, while business users will have access to the suite Office 365, protected by the safety solution Samsung KNOX.


In early February, the two companies have put an end to the legal disputes on Microsoft patents used in Android devices. It is likely that, because of that agreement out of court, Samsung has chosen to preinstall One Note, One Drive and Skype on the new Galaxy S6, presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Users who purchase the two smartphones preliminary from April 10 will also receive 100 GB of free space for two years on One Drive. Continue reading

attentive to the router

ADSL subscribers attentive to the router

A security researcher has discovered a serious vulnerability in over 700,000 routers provided to subscribers by ISPs in several countries, including the Italy. The bug is there in a component of the firmware, can be exploited to execute an attack of type directory traversal” that allows an attacker to access the device remotely and do various operations malignant, including the theft of login data and changing DNS.

attentive to the router

The vulnerability has been identified in the part and can be used to extract information from the file present on the router examined and containing the configuration parameters. This file is written to various data, such as password hashes for the manager and other account, username and password to connect to the ISP ADSL the credentials of the client and server for remote management protocol TR-069 used by some ISPs, and the password for the wireless network, if the router integrates a WiFi access point. Continue reading

Chrome brings the works of art in the browser

The browser screen as a frame, the tab navigation as a work of art it is what offers Google with the new extension for Chrome published on the pages of the Web Store platform, inspired by the paintings in the database of Art Project. An additional component completely free, that you open a new tab shows a painting instead of the traditional screen, complete with information on title and author.

Chrome brings the works of art in the browser

An initiative of the collateral Google Cultural Institute, aimed at spreading the knowledge of the works and artists through the Web and tools related to it. A little ‘as happened in recent days with the launch of Street Art Watch Face for smartwatch based Android Wear, the group of Mountain View chooses a tool dedicated to customizing to convey their message of cultural promotion.

The paintings shown automatically change every day: today, for example, it is the turn of Claude-Joseph Verne with “A Calm at a Mediterranean Port”, the work of the late eighteenth century.

By installing and activating the extension, the box containing the boxes for quick access to favorite sites is placed in the lower right of the screen: just one click to display it at the center of the window. Be noted that Google Art Project is currently only available for the desktop version of the browser Chome though not to the mobile set to smartphones and tablets.




PC vs Mac ASUS Dell and Lenovo against Apple

With the presentation of the new notebooks from Apple, renews the historic clash between Mac vs PC. Waiting to know the views of users loyal to one or another flag, ASUS , Dell and Lenovo have not lost time, comparing on Twitter some features of the Mac Book 12-inch and their high-end products, ie ZenBook UX305 , XPS 13 and Yoga 3 Pro . On YouTube meanwhile, depopulated a hilarious parody of an Apple engineer.


The new MacBook has a 12-inch screen with resolution of 2304 × 1440 pixels and incorporates an Intel Core M. Apple has removed the fan on the CPU and reduced the size of the motherboard. The notebook also has a thickness of only 13.1 mm, 24% less than the MacBook Air 11-inch. Continue reading

smart mobility according to Ford

MWC 2015 smart mobility according to Ford

Revolutionize mobility pressing on the pedal novelty. Ford chose the setting of the Mobile World Congress 2015 to present some new solutions and technologies for automotive sphere, studied with the aim of providing a concrete and effectual response to the questions posed by problems as population growth or pollution.

Ford Smart Mobility

The approach chosen is dall automaker multilateral improve the experience offered to those who goes on the road, introduce a model of flexible mobility and create the universe transport more connected, integrated with the mobile device and the potential of the Web . This premise has created Ford Smart Mobility, project, which has already been, discussed in January at the event CES 2015, deepened during the festival in Barcelona.

smart mobility according to Ford

The road network and infrastructure nowadays available to motorists will be increasingly strained in the future. Within the next two decades, the people who daily put behind the wheel will be four billion. It is therefore necessary to evolve the way of moving, especially in the big cities and towns. For that, Ford has come up with a vehicle that can reach any destination in a fast, practical and without polluting: the bicycle. Continue reading

electric bike Ford Mode

MWC 2015 electric bike Ford Mode

A new form of mobility, conceived deconstructing the traditional way to move with the aim of making it flexible, sustainable in terms of environmental impact and more convenient for travelers. In other words, smart.  Ford has shown at Mobile World Congress 2015 its vision of smart mobility of the prospect, characterized by an innovative knowledge, based on the integration with mobile technologies and based on technologies related to the Web.

electric bike Ford Mode

Among the experiments, fielded dall automaker to kick off this process of development and Revolution there is the one related to the field of electric bikes, called Handle on Mobility. There are two models presented from the stage of the MWC 2015. One is called Mode: Me and is designed for those who like commuters on a daily to having to deal with traffic congestion in cities. The vehicle, produced in collaboration with Damon is designed to go into action when queues and difficulty in finding parking causing loss of time and stress motorist. Continue reading


Facebook says goodbye to genders

Facebook has decided to open the box infinity of gender profiles. After more than a few extensions in recent years, which led to a list of 58 options, the social network of Menlo Park finally opened the “gender box”, making it completely customizable. Another step forward after opening the LGBT community which for now will be available only in the Anglo-American version.


The world’s largest social network Facebook populated as a continent, faces for the first time the issue proceed to raise the question whether it would be appropriate rather than pigeonhole continuously this category to let the user to write as IAPs is defined to be defined changing it at will meaning and time. Continue reading

mobile world congress

Mobile World Congress 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, “Mobile World Congress “means not only telephony thanks to Ford extending mobile innovation also mobility on four wheels. The group will use the Barcelona event to illustrate their projects of Smart Mobility with a series of events in the pipeline since the first day of the fair. The introductory press conference will be Monday, March 2 with the presence of Barb, chief operating officer of Ford Europe, Ken Washington, Vice President of Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford and Don Butler, Executive Director of the Global Development Products Blue Oval.

mobile world congress

However, that is not all: the group also organizes a panel on mobility, which will be carried out with partners in the world of Information Technology from the likes of IBM. The Mobile World Congress in 2015 will therefore be a special occasion to be able to translate laboratory projects to the public, explaining exactly what Ford intends to do to shape the future that you see for the world of mobility. Mobile World Congress 2015 The Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona starts on 2 March and promises many new features: new smartphones, new wearable technology and much more. Continue reading