IKEA the wireless mobile

IKEA the wireless mobile

IKEA is ready to offer for sale its first compilation of furniture equipped with wireless charging to charge wireless mobile like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Presented during the last Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, ​​the new high-tech furniture IKEA are going to get on shelves to be sold to consumers. IKEA has indeed published his first flyer all focused on new furniture equipped with wireless charging that will reach your destination in late spring on the shelves of stores in the chain on American soil.

IKEA the wireless mobile

All owners of a Samsung Galaxy S6 , a Lumia 1520 or Lumia 930 could therefore discover very interesting offering that allows IKEA to buy furniture and accessories that support the standard Qi wireless charging that allows you to charge these and other compatible devices without using the original power supply and having to always depend on a wire. The flyer IKEA lastly allows also to know the prices charged to these particular goods. Prices of furniture equipped with wireless charging are not super cheap but still much cheaper than what you would think. Continue reading

Create Heartwarming Photo Slideshow with Movavi Video Editor

Photos are memories captured eternally. They are not just a piece of token for that particular moment but a way to preserve all the special moments forever. They speak a thousand words in silence, reminiscence of the past. But, what if some more life can be added to our found memories with music, songs or personal messages? If the concept seems to be really interesting, then the Movavi Video Editor is all that you need to realize the concept. The amazing software from Movavi ensures that you can make great photo slideshow quickly and surprise your family and friends.

Getting started with the video editor is pretty easy. All you need to do is download the software and install it on the system. It is compatible with almost all software platforms. The online user manual is a comprehensive guide to use the features correctly. The photos you want to add in the slideshow can be added using the ‘Add Media Files’ option. Choose the editing mode you want to use and drag the media files. You can customize by checking the Fades section for more effects. Apply all the transitions, audio tracks, settings etc and save it on your system. The video is ready for sharing with your loved ones to show that you care.

Why it’s the best

  • Easy download and install without any complicated process.
  • Media files can be added to the video maker, even by a beginner.
  • Video editing modes can be switched back between Timeline and Storyboard as per requirement.
  • All the attractive transitions are available under the Fades section.
  • Easy drag and drop feature for adding files, transitions and settings to the video.
  • Separate user guide for overall usage, transition adding, subtitles and text feature to ensure user gets guidance to utilize the features.
  • Video can be uploaded directly on the web from the video editor itself after saving it in any of the popular formats.

So, if you want to make something really special for your loved one like a slideshow with all your favorite photos, this software is just going to be your best friend for sometime then. Bring out all the old memories; say what you always wanted to with the customized messages and subtitles can make a romantic photo movie. Jazz up the slideshow with the favorite songs of your beloved or record message in your own voice and add to the video. Become popular on the social network with your amazing picture slideshow.

The Digital Marketing Tools You Need for 2015

Email marketing could be a style of direct digital marketing tool that creates use of email correspondence for the aim of delivering of business messages. Email marketing is gaining quality of late with the employment of web. As a result, it’s employed by ActiveTrial in variety of how thus on building client loyalty or trust, making whole awareness among the potential customers, company advertisements, acquiring, changing and retentive the purchasers moreover as for communication promotional offers.

Primary Forms of Email Marketing

Direct E-Mails

The purpose of direct email has been alone speaking a promotional message just like the announcement of some special provides or launching of the new catalog of merchandise. Before sending these promotional emails, the company’s first collect the list of potential customers and prospect email address so direct message promotional messages are often sent. Additionally, these corporations conjointly rent a list of email addresses from the service corporations.

Transactional Emails

These emails are essentially generated on a customer’s action by an organization. These messages could embrace born basket messages, purchase or order confirmation emails as well as email receipts. The prime perform of those emails is to convey the knowledge associated with the action that triggered it. However, transactional emails are a golden chance so as to have interaction the purchasers because it has high open rates. The transactional emails attempt to introduce us well as extend the e-mail relationships with customers or with the subscribers, to answer the queries, to cross sell or to up sell the merchandise moreover as services. Continue reading

DJI Phantom presents drones

DJI Phantom presents drones

DJI presented Phantom 3, a new family of drones advanced ready to fly that link everything about photography to offer a cinematic experience of a quite professional. Two models are offered by DJI: three Professional Phantom and Phantom 3 Advanced, which differ only by the integrated camera. From the point of view of plan the newborn home DJI do not be different much from the other models of the Phantom family.

DJI Phantom presents drones

Both models adopted a camera with optical stabilizer able to rotate vertically and horizontally. The Phantom 3 expert offers, however a camera capable of recording video in 4K, while the advanced version stops “only” to Full HD at 60 fps. The sensor used by the camera module is a Sony EXMOR with 12.4 MP. However, the new DJI Phantom 3 is characterized not only by the power of photography. DJI has, in fact, done a huge job of bringing aging user experience of its drone to a new level. Firstly, the new Phantom 3 can fly it indoors thanks to the use of new sensors. Continue reading


The exoskeleton that helps to walk

A real hope for those who have physical problems, especially concerning ambulation comes from the realization of projects related exoskeletons that is, structures applied outside the body with the aim of providing better stability in movements at the similar time making them easier to perform . Among these was the one announced by two teams of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and North Carolina State.


It is a passive system, meaning that for the process does not require motors or built-in batteries. A detail is not insignificant, since it guarantees a low weight and clears the field from potential problems of autonomy. Everything is based on a mechanical clutch, which tends a spring at each step, when the foot is resting on the ground, by exerting pressure and then releasing once raised. The kinetic energy generated in this way is exploited to make the walk less tiring and more efficient than 7% in normal conditions, percentage detected from the first test. Obviously, things could change in case of uneven ground or uphill. Continue reading

whatsapp call for free

WhatsApp calls for almost everyone

The WhatsApp calls are from today available for all users Android just download and install the application 2:12:19 to send and receive phone calls right away, in a completely free. The rollout, until new days reserved only for the lucky few, performs at this time a step further.

From the pages of the official website does not arrive confirmations, but the reports received on the Net leave small doubt about. In addition, the amount of rings (as shown by the following screenshot) received since yesterday evening from the numbers that the editorial staff of technobolt we invited to try out the repair confirms the rumor.

whatsapp call for free

In short, after a few weeks of testing the team to work on the application appears to be ready to extend the feature to millions of people, transforming the software for instant messaging in a complete suite for online infrastructure, allowing subscribers to communicate through calls VoIP.

WhatsApp: how to enable Call

As mentioned above, all you need to do to take advantage of the new functionality is installed physically 2:12:19 WhatsApp for Android. The APK file can be downloaded either from the pages of the official website that the platform APK Mirror safely. Once completed the process and launched the app will appear at the top of the border the new Calls tab, as shown in the picture attached below.


Contact lenses smart Google gets patent

Apart from the development of glasses dedicated to augmented reality, Google is working on other experimental projects. One of these, which has already been mentioned several times, the development of contact lenses smart, or which are not limited to improve the visual capacity of the wearer as with the customary ones. Today is back to discuss it, because the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has recognized the group of Mountain View paternity of a patent on its own technology.


From 26 pages of documentation, entitled “Contact lens having an uneven embedded substrate and method of manufacture”, emerge some interesting details about the operation. For example, it is learned that the lenses will be equipped with a sensor inserted within one of the layers, connected to a chip placed in another layer. Continue reading

Samsung will install Office on Android tablet

Samsung and Microsoft have announced the growth of their partnership to bring productivity services offered by the Redmond to a larger number of users. Within the first half of 2015, the Korean manufacturer will install the Office app on Android tablet, while business users will have access to the suite Office 365, protected by the safety solution Samsung KNOX.


In early February, the two companies have put an end to the legal disputes on Microsoft patents used in Android devices. It is likely that, because of that agreement out of court, Samsung has chosen to preinstall One Note, One Drive and Skype on the new Galaxy S6, presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Users who purchase the two smartphones preliminary from April 10 will also receive 100 GB of free space for two years on One Drive. Continue reading

attentive to the router

ADSL subscribers attentive to the router

A security researcher has discovered a serious vulnerability in over 700,000 routers provided to subscribers by ISPs in several countries, including the Italy. The bug is there in a component of the firmware, can be exploited to execute an attack of type directory traversal” that allows an attacker to access the device remotely and do various operations malignant, including the theft of login data and changing DNS.

attentive to the router

The vulnerability has been identified in the part and can be used to extract information from the file present on the router examined and containing the configuration parameters. This file is written to various data, such as password hashes for the manager and other account, username and password to connect to the ISP ADSL the credentials of the client and server for remote management protocol TR-069 used by some ISPs, and the password for the wireless network, if the router integrates a WiFi access point. Continue reading

Chrome brings the works of art in the browser

The browser screen as a frame, the tab navigation as a work of art it is what offers Google with the new extension for Chrome published on the pages of the Web Store platform, inspired by the paintings in the database of Art Project. An additional component completely free, that you open a new tab shows a painting instead of the traditional screen, complete with information on title and author.

Chrome brings the works of art in the browser

An initiative of the collateral Google Cultural Institute, aimed at spreading the knowledge of the works and artists through the Web and tools related to it. A little ‘as happened in recent days with the launch of Street Art Watch Face for smartwatch based Android Wear, the group of Mountain View chooses a tool dedicated to customizing to convey their message of cultural promotion.

The paintings shown automatically change every day: today, for example, it is the turn of Claude-Joseph Verne with “A Calm at a Mediterranean Port”, the work of the late eighteenth century.

By installing and activating the extension, the box containing the boxes for quick access to favorite sites is placed in the lower right of the screen: just one click to display it at the center of the window. Be noted that Google Art Project is currently only available for the desktop version of the browser Chome though not to the mobile set to smartphones and tablets.